Pulsely Edu

Complete course management platform for education institutions

Pulsely Edu is a complete course management platform for education institutions

Pulsely Edu providers student services for effective learning, both online and offline, facilitating and supplementing regular classroom interactions.

Pulsely Edu is designed for Education Institutions that aim to provide regional and global online student supports.

Software-as-a-Service Education Solution

The Pulsely Edu platform is deployed as a Service-as-a-Service solution on Amazon Web Services. Therefore all online infrastructures are provisioned and scaled based on usage.

While Pulsely Edu can be deployed directly to Amazon Web Services, it can be easily deployed to your own Kubernetes container clusters.

Load balancing can be easily done via the AWS Cloudfront with the Elastic Load Balancer.

Core Functionalities


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pulsely Edu?

Pulsely Edu is a course management platform for education institutions. It is a complete solution with multi-roles for students, instructors and staff, allowing course contents to be provided online in a timely and secured manner.

How do I deploy Pulsely Edu?

Pulsely Edu can be deployed on the Amazon Web Services as a "Software as a service".

A tailor-made Pulsely Edu for your education institution can also be made, to run on your own private cloud or cloud providers like the Microsoft Azure & the Google Cloud Platform.

What type of assignments are currently supported?

Pulsely Edu supports assignemnts and exams uploads. Questions can be viewed directly at the student support portal, and once their homeworks are uploaded, instructors will be notified to grade the assignments

Multiple choices are also supported.

How can I upload videos to the course platform?

Course videos in common video formats such as MP4 can be uploaded to the AWS S3 directly. Video transcoding will then be commenced automatically which produces HLS videos for student consumptions.

How can the instructors, students and staff access the Pulsely Edu system?

Pulsely Edu is a modern web application which supports modern web browsers released in the last 2 years.

The interfaces are made to be responsive such that mobile devices such as iPhone & Android phones can access the system, the same way as a regular desktop browser does.

What is your API integration support?

The Pulsely Edu deploys can be deployed directly to your AWS account, therefore, all data can be exposed as a raw PostgreSQL database. You can therefore access and process the information with common data tools such as the AWS Redshift, Quicksight or third party data solutions like Tableau.

APIs can also be exposed via GraphQL optionally.

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