Pulsely CRM Solutions

Manage all your sales in one place

Pulsely CRM is your premier sales management platform

The CRM is your central hub keeping you informed with prospects, customers, orders, inventories and actionable intelligences. Customer engagements are maintained with reminders to sale representatives and managers.

Sales can be funneled through different sources and they can be monitored closely.

Close more deals more efficiently. Automate as many things as possible. Optimize your workflow.

Pulsely is your dependable solution provider

The CRM is your central hub keeping you informed with prospects, customers, orders, inventories and actionable intelligences. Customer engagements are maintained with reminders to sale representatives and managers.

Pulsely CRM is your company's Mission Control

Pulsely CRM provides critical sales and leads information, making suring your team hits key metrics consistently.

Pulsely understands the challenge of running a successful modern digital business. Pulsely always delivers the right combination of CRM technologies for you,enable your businesses to grow sustainably without putting a strain on your valuable resources.

Multiple Platforms

Pulsely CRM provides front end clients in Responsive Web, iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

React based frontend allows efficient display of data with different screen sizes ranging from smart phone to 32 inches displays.

What Pulsely CRM solutions can do

Having world-class products are not enough to be successful. Your company needs a quality CRM to provide a panoramic yet detailed view of your business operations, especially most of your staff could be working remotely in this posted COVID-19 world .

Build Relationships

Pulsely CRM has a flexible data model that could be tailored to different industries, whether it could be Retail, Education, Real Estate or Financial. .

Track Every Leads

The Pulsely’s CRM solution has all the tools to manage your leads and opportunities, and given that CRM system is a computerized system. it could never be tired..

Send the right messages

The CRM is your central command as a unified communication center, where your staff can send and receive communications directly.

Automate your workflows

Stop repeating yourselves. You must have tedious forms and workflows that need to communicate with your customers.

Security & Privacy Conscious

Customer data security is also paramount. What happens in your CRM stays at your CRM . The Pulsely CRM is GDPR compliance.

Real Time Data with persistent connections

Pulsely CRM uses Websocket technologies, providing persistence connections from Web browsers, Native clients or mobile apps anytime anywhere.

Module based CRM components

Calendar & Notifications

Different actions will require periodic checks on the upcoming meeting and phone calls. Sales and staff will be reminded with timely push notifications or system e-mails. .


Reports are essential to the managerial and executive decisions. Different reports can be generated with detailed parameters.

Documents & E- Signatures

Every data entities table could be associated with documents and file uploads, which are securely stored at Amazon S3. Documents with templates can be prefilled and sent directly for customer for signing.

Admin Module

Every CRMs are different. There are always customizations and attributes that need to be changed by the admin and staff users, for the essential operations.

Direct Payment Collections

Payments can be collected directly by sending an invoice e-mails with direct payment links integrated. Payments can be made by Credit Cards, FPS, Wechat Pay & Alipay.

Phone System Integrations

The Pulsely CRM supports SIP based phone system integrations. Phone calls can be made directly at the CRM and incoming calls can be identified with relevant customer data quickly popped up at operator’s frontends. .

Powerful search indexes

Searching is paramount for quick customer information lookup. Information essential for decision making is indexed to the ElasticSearch services with auto-complete support.

Data entities in other permanent data storages are replicated in the ElasticSearch for performing full text searches in the client. Additional access rights will be evaluated before data is returned to the frontends. ElasticSearch is used along with IAM for security, inside secured VPC

Integration with Asterisk PBX, Twilio OpenPBX or Amazon Connect

Once a lead or customer has been added to the CRM, his or her incoming calls can be identified instantaneously along with the correspondances pulled up to the screens.

Pulsely CRM can integrate with Asterisk based PBX, Twilio OpenPBX or Amazon Connect.

Calls can be marked as spam and blacklisted.

Electronic Signatures

Signing documents remotely are difficult. People may not have scanners on hand. PDFs with complicated fields and forms could be missing vital signatures or instructions. Hence, electronic signatures using DocuSign come to your rescue.

The Pulsely CRM has direct integration with DocuSign with Electronic Signatures. Electronic Signatures are recognized as legally binding across the world in different industry segments. In a nutshell, DocuSign reduces the customer resistances at signing vital documents that get into your way.


Source code

Pulsely will be posting every source code written: clients, server, cloud and resource provisioning scripts.


All design documents, documentations and build instructions of developer toolsets will be checked into the AWS CodeCommit repository as well.

Currently Pulsely CRM can be deployed as a Responsive Web Client, Native App with Electron with additional iOS / iPadOS frontend.

Machine Learning & Big Data

Pulsely has been working hard on enabling CRM applications to integrate seamlessly with common machine learning and big data tools.

For data analysis, read-only permissions are used for accessing the databases and S3 data storage, making sure that live data would not be changed or deleted accidentally.

Data from CRM can be leveraged using Jupyter Notebook & AWS Sage Maker. AWS Redshift and AWS Quicksight are integrated tightly with the CRM persistent storages.

The Pulsely CRM is currently offered as a customized project consultation that can be catered for your business. For your CRM project quotation, please contact us.